Case Study

Data Migration Case Study: A Customized Solution

OneDrive to Egnyte Migration Case Study

Timeframe project: 1 day

Source & Target Systems: OneDrive to Egnyte

Special Feature: Delta Migration

Project size: 50,000 Items Migrated. 60 GB

Data Migration Project for the Tourism Industry in Spain

Cloud migration is a complex process because it takes many forms, changing the format of the data, and sharing or importing data between the cloud storages. We are going to present our success stories with ‘Spain is More’, a Tourism Company in Spain who migrated their data from OneDrive to Egnyte. Although, it was a small project, Cloudsfer’s cloud transfer team developed a custom solution to solve a specific problem they had and all the data was migrated successfully.

“We recently carried out a migration from one cloud system to another. It saved us hours doing it through Cloudsfer, which was really easy to handle, even for me with many Information technology-skills”.

Rasmus D. Pedersen, CEO, Spain is More S.A.

Data Migration Case Study:  Solving Challenges with a Customized Solution

At first, the organization started the migration manually, but quickly they understood it would involve changing many file names resulting in errors that were not acceptable for copy/paste transfers. Carrying out their data migration manually would have taken a very long time. Their challenge was to migrate eml files and Cloudsfer’s team developed a dedicated, customized solution that was tailor made to their system and solved their data migration problem. After one week of development, they used delta migration to synchronize the missing eml. files and it worked smoothly. Using Cloudsfer, the data migration occurred much faster and without any mishaps. No matter if you have small or big project we still care about your migration and we are here to help you with all your needs.

“We faced a problem with eml. Files and Cloudsfer’s customized solution solved our data migration issue smoothly, with attention to detail from the support team resulting in a perfectly satisfying solution. Thanks a lot. We give them a Top rank both for execution and customer service.”

Rasmus D. Pedersen, CEO, Spain is More S.A.

Delta Migration

Once issue was solved, with one click on the Detla Migration feature, the client moved only missing files since the last migration was executed. The feature comparing the files between the source and destination platforms and transfer just the missing files, in this case the eml. files. When you are moving small amounts of files, and not the whole project, this increases the speed of the migration and your overall cost decreased.

OneDrive to Egnyte

Data Migration Case Study: The Benefits of Using Cloudsfer for migrating data from OneDrive to Egnyte

The Solution for OneDrive to Egnyte migration is very easy to use and automatically handles migration challenges according to Egnyte & OneDrive restrictions.
With Cloudsfer cloud migration tool you can migrate all file types, including migrate eml files and also extract files and folders from Egnyte cloud storage trash. Our solution will preserve creation and modification date and will keep the hierarchy structure. Administrators are able to manage Egnyte sub-accounts and to choose filtering, maintain permissions and advanced options. In addition, if you have many users to handle, Cloudsfer has multi user migration tool, which will help you with the process. Cloudsfer has detailed reports and you can run delta migration for your OneDrive to Egnyte migration project.

Cloudsfer was recommended under Egnyte. It seemed easier – it’s not something you do many times in your life, so it was important that it seemed easy and simple”.

Rasmus D. Pedersen, CEO, Spain is More S.A.

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