Best Practice for Google Drive Backup

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Best Practice for Google Drive Backup

Being able to store and access files from anywhere, whenever you Preview Changes want using any device or computer has become necessary for everyone.

Google Drive is a cloud-based service for Google, where the user can get all of his digital documents anywhere with just his e-mail, passwords, and a digital device like a smartphone.

Transferring files from one cloud storage to another had never been so easy without cloud migrating solutions. You can access your files from one account, collaborate with other colleagues and employees from any device at any hour of the day and accelerate your productivity. You can pick from a variety of cloud migrating solutions to help you transfer files as per your requirements.

In this article, by team, you can read a great review of what you need to know before you move to Google Drive.

Move to Google Drive

They recommend Cloudsfer as well. Our integration for Google Drive supports the following features:

  1. Migrate multiple users in a few quick steps.
  2. Maintain permissions between systems and keep the sharing settings in the target system.
  3. Preserve the modification and creation date.
  4. Versions of the documents can be migrated.
  5. Migrating shared drive and personal drive is supported as well.
  6. Support of migrating Google Native Documents such as Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.
  7. When migrating using Google Drive you may perform delta migrations, use the Google Drive Backup option, and have the ability to overwrite newly modified data into the desired destination. You can set the backup migration feature to your personal needs.

A free trial is available when creating a new Cloudsfer account, your account will be provided with all needed features for testing and with free data -no commitment or credit card is required for evaluation! Try for FREE NOW

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