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Cloud Backup

Create automatic cloud backup from/to any integration: Backup your on premise data into any cloud of your choice and archive data. Our automatic cloud backup services can copy cloud storage and replicate it to your local environment.

Multi-User Migration

Transfer between cloud storage to another: multiple users, maintain permissions, security and metadata in a few quick steps. Keep your permissions or create custom permissions when needed. Enjoy fast, easy, and secure server file transfer & cloud to cloud file transfer service.

Cloud Sync

With Cloudsfer, you can sync between cloud services (e.g Dropbox S3 sync). Our sync software can protect your data and identify risks. Cloudsfer scans your data continuously, updated the relevant files and automatically sync Dropbox to Google Drive and many more systems.

Cloud Transfer

Easily transfer files between clouds storages, such as transferring Dropbox to Google Drive, transfer from Google Drive to OneDrive, migrate from SharePoint to Google Drive and many more.
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