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The best Cloud Data Migration tool

Cloudsfer is a leading cloud data management solution. We are a strong team, focusing on security for cloud and on-premise data environments. Cloudsfer was launched in 2015 and we have years of experience with content migration, both small as well as big projects. Throughout the years we have migrated over 20 million users and thousands of TB’s between various systems (e.g Dropbox to Google Drive transfer). This extended experience, the many features we are offering and our dedicated team provide our users with an optimized solution for a smooth migration of files.
Cloud Data Migration

Cloud Data Migration

Providing seamless, secure and cost-effective migration of your data to more than 20 cloud storage providers.

For instance, you can migrate Google Drive to OneDrive easily.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup

Powerful & automated data backup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Store your own data and backup the data to your local environment.

Data Protection

Data Protection

Protect your data from ransomware and cyber-attacks, identify suspicious activity and even perform data recovery.

Cloud Sync

Cloud Sync

Cloud synchronization platform for transferring cloud and on premise data based on the schedule you set, moving only deltas. With Cloudsfer you can sync Dropbox to Google Drive automatically.

Secured Cloud Backup, Sync and Migration

Secured Cloud Backup, Sync and Migration

All communications between the systems are encrypted and your data is safe! Cloudsfer doesn’t store your data or passwords. Option to transfer the data in a secured hosted environment near your location.

Multiple Systems one UI

ֿ ֿֿMulti user data migration – Migrate between more than 20 cloud systems. Use a common, easy-to-use migration process. Cloudsfer also enables migration to any cloud storage from over 12 different On-Premise ֿ
SharePoint Online
Amazon S3
File System (NAS)
BIM 360
BIM 360
Azure Blob
Google Drive

The best Cloud Data Migration tool

Cloudsfer offers safe & secure backup / migration / sync, multiple systems under one UI, no installation is required previous to migration and we offer complete scalability. Cloudsfer provides you secured cloud migration services and secured cloud data backup solutions that will help you to back up your data successfully. Cloudsfer allows real time cloud sync or scheduled data backup.

Multi-User Migration

Transfer multiple users, maintain permissions, security, shared data and folders migration in a few quick steps. Admin Tools – Manage multiple accounts.

Security Migration

Maintain permissions between systems and keep the sharing settings in the target system. Domain mapping, custom excel mapping and handling invitations to external users in the migration process. Apply custom permissions when needed.

Maintain Metadata & Versions

Keep original metadata of files such as dates & authors. Maintain file version history in the migration process.


Cloud migration reports - Get a complete cloud backup / migration report. Report includes mapping of all items and folders from source system to their target location and list of files and folders that could not be migrated.

Delta migration

Automatic Delta execution. Transfer only newly modified data to your target cloud system with the click of a button.

Secured data

Experience security at the highest level by enabling Two-Factor Authentication in your account for an extra layer of protection

Complete Scalability

Handle any number and size of migrations. Get flexibility for dedicated migration servers in big organizations. We can develop a custom solution tailored just for you.

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