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You must read this before losing any content!

For those of you who didn’t hear, right now FLICKR users with over 1,000 pictures or videos are not able to upload any more. And on February 5th, free accounts that are still over the limit will have their content actively deleted until they’re back under 1,000 (starting with the oldest content first). And this is just the beginning. There won’t be YAHOO login anymore and neither special partner discounts.

This may be a problem to you if you don’t want to pay the $49.99-per-year Flickr Pro service fee. You cannot trust in only one cloud storage platform… you should backup your data and keep your eggs in more than one basket.

We have a great solution for you!!!

Using Cloudsfer, you can easily backup content from FLICKR to any cloud solutions and migrate all public albums, keep Albums structure and even apply filters by file size, created and modified date.

Transfer your photos and videos from FLICKR to any cloud storage with Cloudsfer TODAY

Backup from flickr


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