Cloudsfer just launched a NEW Cloud Sync Tool & more features just for you.

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We are excited to announce the release of Cloudsfer Sync!

The launched integration would support sync and replication from Autodesk Construction Cloud (BIM360 docs, Autodesk Docs, and Build Files) into other storage providers supported by Cloudsfer. Read more on BIM 360 Sync Tool page.
For more information, a free trial, or a demo, please reach us at [email protected]

 Cloud Sync Tool

All good things must come to an end…. And be replaced with something way better!
We’ve made some changes to our solution to give you a better Cloud management experience.

See what’s new:

NEW top bar
If you purchased the subscription, you may have noticed that we upgrade your app with a new top bar!

The top bar displays:

a. The green arrows show the current running migration/sync threads. Here you can see that out of 4 parallel migration plans allocation, there are no running migrations.
b. The blue clock demonstrates the number of running backups. In this example there are no running backups, 9 backups are scheduled.
c. The orange arrows:
On the right side, you can see how much data traffic you have on a monthly basis (from the subscription). In this case, 250 GB is the monthly data allocation. If you do get over the 250GB monthly threshold, no worries! Cloudsfer had now transitioned to a pay-as-you-go service!
On the left side, you can see how much data you’ve already consumed during the month (9.08 GB).

NEW Backup Dashboard
We build a new Backup Dashboard to help you control your backups better. This backup dashboard shows you your recent backups, making it easier than ever to use. Now we are working on adding valuable new features including filters, search options, and tons of other goodies.

Cloudsfer now supports backup and sync subscriptions between multiple clouds and On-Premise storage solutions.
The packages are flexible and allow you to choose the right subscription that fits your need according to – Data volume, Price, Parallel Runs, and more.
Cloudsfer would monitor your monthly transfers and will charge you only at the end of the month.
(The Basic plan allows you to migrate, with the standard and the pro plan you can migrate, backup, and use our new sync tool. Standard – is a weekly schedule interval, and Pro is a daily schedule interval).

Wants to know more about the new plans? Please contact us [email protected]

Manage Your Account
With this new release, you can manage your account, see the current subscription you have purchased, and you can also cancel or change the subscription anytime. 
Enjoying Cloudsfer as is? You can still manage your migrations with your current plan.

With this major update, we’re bringing it all together.

We care about your success! Have any questions? Contact us at [email protected]

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