Case Study

Cloud transfer – Egnyte to S3 Case Study

How to Migrate successfully 35 TB of Data With No Downtime

Timeframe project: 3 weeks including deltas

Source & Target Systems: Egnyte to Amazon S3

Special Feature: Delta migration & custom development for maintaining additional metadata

Project size: 35TB

Egnyte to Amazon S3 Migration Case Study 

Voyager Therapeutics is a leader in developing next-generation AAV gene therapies to unlock the potential of the technology to treat devastating diseases. Voyager, with headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, wanted to store all its laboratory data, instrument generated data, in a central location. During the migration process, Yohann Potier was the Director of Data Science & Informatics at Voyager Therapeutics, and he told us that the data had been stored mainly in Egnyte so far and the workflow was not adapted to the scientific and analytical roadmap. Voyager analytical pipeline is being built in AWS and it is key to the company strategy to have the data available for analysis. AWS also provide a better granularity for policy management and user access that Voyager wanted to leverage.

Using Cloudsfer, Voyager Therapeutics migrated successfully from Egnyte to Amazon S3 about 35 TB with several millions of files: composed of mostly text and binary files. The large volume of data was mostly image files (tiff, scn) or sequencing files (bam, fastq), key to their scientific research. The migration took 3 weeks including the Delta migration. Finally, they successfully migrated 35 TB, 160,018 Folders and about 4,379,352 items uploaded.

Delta Migration & Custom Development

Like any big move, migrate to Amazon S3 from Egnyte, carries a lot of risks that you need to watch out for. Data can get lost in the migration process, and you may not know it until it’s too late. To make it easier, Cloudsfer provides a single click Delta Migration solution which allows you to copy only newly modified data and take care of it automatically. You can monitor every phase of the migration and generate a report which includes mapping of all items and folders from Egnyte to their S3 location and list of files and folders that could not be migrated. Thankfully, Cloudsfer has proven to be a smooth and safe solution.

The delta migration feature was key to Voyager’s migration strategy for users: move the bulk of the data, move the users to the new S3 environment, then migrate the deltas of files created & modified since the initial migration. The metadata and timestamps of the file creation, modification and user metadata had to be conserved and retrievable as well for potential audit purposes.

At Cloudsfer, we understood the company’s needs, and Voyager received custom development during the evaluation phase, for keeping the user information as metadata while transitioning to Amazon S3. Our developers succeeded to keep the version history metadata. They were able to get additional metadata from Egnyte including “Created Date”, “Modified Date” and “Last Modified By” as shown below on the s3 bucket as provided by the customer.

Benefits of using Cloudsfer for Egnyte to S3 Migration

Yohann told us that they chose Cloudsfer because the solution had been used by colleagues to migrate data from Egnyte to SharePoint and the feedback was good. The set of features provided by Cloudsfer, especially reports of the migration, were providing Voyager with the confidence to perform the migration successfully.

Using Cloudsfer you can migrate your data from Egnyte to S3 easily and securely. Cloudsfer helps you to keep the hierarchy structure, extracting the trash from Egnyte, maintain metadata, and apply filters (file size & modified date). Cloudsfer provides you a fast migration tool and all the process is done automatically removing the need of manual downloading from Egnyte and re-uploading the files to S3. Furthermore, if you have users to transfer, Cloudsfer can manage the migration for many users all at once with a dedicated user migration tool.

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