Case Study

The Delta Migration Solution

Azure to S3 Migration Case Study

Timeframe project: 6 Days (including Deltas)

Source & Target Systems: Azure to S3

Special Feature: Delta Migration

Project size: 2,722,888 Items Migrated. 115.79 GB

Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to Amazon S3 Migration

Challenges & Solutions

Djäkne had several goals in mind for moving to AWS. The company had an old version of their platform running on azure and the new built on AWS. Djäkne wanted to migrate their file cdn on to AWS from azure. Cloudsfer provided Djäkne a solution for fast, secure and smooth content migration between Microsoft Azure Blob Storage to Amazon S3. Djäkne wished to migrate specific image files and used Cloudsfer’s expert settings such as filter by date and transferred all files created since the desired date.

Journey to Amazon S3 

Delta migrations

During the migration process, Djäkne performed 7 delta transfers, responsible for all files changed since the last run. After one month the final delta was performed before transferring to AWS. They transferred about 30k files in total and a couple of GB in size.

“It was very quick and easy to migrate from azure to AWS s3. Much quick than building a similar tool ourselves”.

Lars Widmark, CTO, Djäkne

Benefits of Using Cloudsfer for migrating data 

• Designed to seamlessly migrate data between various cloud storage providers
• Cloudsfer is a cloud-based solution utilizing high-end UI
• Responsible for large scale migrations of both private and business users
• Maintain metadata and file version history in the migration process
• Automatic Delta migrations
• Advanced features
• Service as a software (SaaS) – no installation needed

“I’m very happy with the experience since Cloudsfer was as easy to use as Cloudsfer said in their marketing. Would recommend Cloudsfer to anyone migrating between different cloud providers”

Lars Widmark, CTO, Djäkne

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